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Write articles and win goodies and rewards from a pool of 30,000INR

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Participate in 6 Simple Steps

Step 1


Register for the Asia Innovation Summit


Step 4


Publish your article on any of these platforms

(Medium, Linkedin, Twitter, Hackernoon)

Step 2


Watch any of the videos given


Step 5


Submit the article


Step 3


Write an article based on the video

Step 6


And win prizes!

Why Participate?

1. Win goodies and prizes

2. Learn about cutting edge tech from the best in the industry

3. Oppotunity to kickstart your career by being inducted in a network of freelance tech writers

4. Meet the brightest minds in innovation at Asia Innovation Summit

5. Direct access to the recruitment lounge at Asia Innovation Summit

Videos to Select

Dr. Sandeep Shukla is a Professor at IIT Kanpur and the principal Co-ordinator of the National Blockchain Project. This project has been funded by the National Security Council Secretariat to develop E-Governance solutions using blockchain technology.

Dr. Pawan Goyal is an Associate Professor at IIT Kharagpur, He is actively working in the field of Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, where the focus is on developing a generic framework for solving a variety of NLP tasks such as word segmentation, morph analysis, dependency parsing, poetry to prose conversion

Dr. Divya Gupta is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, India. Before joining MSR, she pursued her postdoc at UC Berkeley. She completed her PhD at University of California at Los Angeles. Her in interests lie in cryptography, security, and theoretical computer science

Sagar Gubbi Venkatesh is a Research Scholar at IISc, currently pursuing an inquiry in data driven robotics. His passion to explore problems and build solutions got him to work on several interesting personal projects. He built Good Old Web which is a collection of open-source, slim web-apps that make very little use of javascript

Dr. Hila Oren is the CEO at The Tel Aviv Foundation. An expert and renowned speaker at conferences, she specialises in Smart Cities and elevating a City’s quality of life through education,  arts, sports, social services, the environment, and innovative urban projects. 

Dr. Manoj Kumar is an Assistant Professor at UPES. He is a published author in Computational vision and holds multiple patents on face detection and recognition. He specializes in Digital Image Forensics, Image Processing, Information Security and Machine Learning

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