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Sagar Gubbi Venkatesh
Research Scholar, IISc

About Sagar Gubbi Venkatesh

Sagar Gubbi Venkatesh is a Research Scholar at IISc, currently pursuing an inquiry in data driven robotics.He has also worked on low-power circuits. His passion to explore problems and build solutions got him to work on several interesting personal projects. He built Good Old Web which is a collection of open-source, slim web-apps that make very little use of javascript. He also built a 2D infinite running game called Kage (translates to crow from Kannada) where you play as a crow.


In his video, Sagar will explore how existing language conditioned imitation learning methods predict the actuator commands from the image observation and the instruction text. Rather than directly predicting actuator commands, Sagar proposes translating the natural language instruction to a Python function which when executed queries the scene by accessing the output of the object detector and controls the robot to perform the specified task.

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